Storyville New Orleans Jazzband of Copenhagen, Denmark, was formed in 1980 by musicians with great experience in the original New Orleans music style. This style, based on the "open" collective improvisation which so nicely leaves room for each individual mucisian and instrument, is only too seldom heard nowadays. But Storyville Jazzband has ever since continued its contribution to the real New Orleans sound. This is probably also the reason for this band´s succesfull visits to a large number of well known jazz clubs featuring New Orleans jazz. Everywhere the music and style of Storyville New Orleans Jazzband is emphasized as representing the most homogenious and well played New Orleans sound in todays’ Europe.

Storyville New Orleans Jazzband has chosen not to jump into the typical "trad" or "Dixieland" style, but has taken up the many fine traditions from the original New Orleans music, as it was typically played by George Lewis’ and Louis Nelson’s bands during the twenties and the forties. The repertoire, which is continuous expanded with new "discoveries" that fit into the special style and tradition of Storyville New Orleans Jazzband is based partly on numbers from this era, and partly of tunes with root in the old American folk song tradition, also added a touch of the original gospel tunes and hymns.

This wide-ranging repertoire requires of course very unique skills, style and feeling from as well the individual soloist as the ensemble playing of the band. The three front figures of the band, Ragnar Tretow, trumpet, Leif Sivertsson, clarinet, and Peter Goetz, trombone, are individually exciting soloists with each their personal way of musical expression. Besides this they also master the art of forming a collective improvisation which leaves room for both the individual’s personal style, and at the same time making an inspiring and harmonious overall impression. The basis for this ensemble playing is of course a strong, homogeneous and tough going rhythm group with the experienced Thomas Ahlner on drums, Karl Kronqvist on dynamic and impressive slap-bass, Hampus Cinthio with his swingin and beautiful piano playing, and Poul Schwaner gives the finishing touch with his characteristic and inspiring banjo style.

Storyville New Orleans Jazzband is a very exceptional experience; the feeling of the real New Orleans music is here much more close and alive. At one moment you feel like being a part of the heavy swinging rhythm, and in the next you will be fascinated by the beautiful wind playing and the intense atmosphere in a quiet hymn. And this is exactly the way you also can hear Storyville New Orleans Jazzband on the live CD-recordings "Memories From Öland", "Painting The Clouds" and "Sorgenfri Kirke Vol. 5 – Hymns & Spirituals", all with impressive concert recordings. For those who have not yet experienced Storyville New Orleans Jazzband themselves there is really something special looking forward to.

Quote from a Swedish newspaper after a Storyville New Orleans Jazzband summer concert: "This is the best I have heard here. It is fantastic.......What wonderful musicians! I'm just thrilled."