Ragnar Tretow, trumpet and vocal

The well known Swedish New Orleans styled trumpet player Ragnar Tretow has played with Storyville New Orleans Jazzband since 2002. With his characteristic playing style inspired by Bunk Johnson, Percy Humphrey og Punch Miller he is the sublime leader of the blower group. And he is a wonderful vocalist too. 


Peter Goetz, trombone

A forceful New Orleans musician, true to the original style. The master of the New Orleans trombone. From the powerfull, swinging and strong express to the impressive and lyric. Supreme as the emphasizing and syncoping element in the collective improvisation. Inspired by the style of the New Orleans trombonists Louis Nelson and Jim Robinson. 


Leif Sivertsson, clarinet

From 1998 the famous Swedish clarinet player Leif Sivertsson has joined Storyville New Orleans Jazzband. With his beautiful, lyric and very personal playing style he is a wonderful completion to the homogeneousity of the blower group. 


Hampus Cinthio, piano

Joined Storyville New Orleans Jazzband in 1999, where he with his swingin and beautiful sounding piano playing is placing his own basic style in the typical New Orleans rhythm group. Is a well known name from the Swedish jazz scene where he for many years was one of the leading figures in the famous band Traditional Feetwarmers.  


Thomas Ahlner, drums and vocal

Experienced drummer rooted in a number of well-known Swedish bands, among others Baskerville Stompers, Lund's Jazzkapel and Louisiana Jazz Company. His playing style is inspired by Baby Dodds and Joe Watkins, and he has guest performed with among others Chris Barber, Ken Colyer and Wild Bill Davison. Thomas Ahlner has been with Storyville New Orleans Jazzband since 2005. 


Poul Schwaner, banjo

During his many years as a New Orleans jazz musician Poul Schwaner has developed his style into a sublime rhythmic balance and swinging inspiration in the rhythm group. Has formerly played in the legendary Tishomingo Jazzband. His style is inspired mainly by the the famous New Orleans banjo player Lawrence Marrero. 


Karl Kronqvist, bass

Plays a wonderful dynamic, steady and swinging slap-bass. A very experienced musician with a long career in many famous bands. Has played many years with the Sammy Rimington Band. A unique and inspiring basis in the very well playing and swinging rhythm-group. 


(Drawings by Sten Johnson - www.stentecknare.se)