"Painting The Clouds"
Music Mecca CD 2052-2



CD 1

 CD: Painting The Clouds   Panama (7:14)
Painting The Clouds With Sunshine (5:41)
Beg Your Pardon (5:58)
Bogalusa Strut (5:12)
Pass Me Not O Gentle Saviour (3:06)
Red Wing (5:48)
It's No Secret (5:40)
Beautiful Öland (Beautiful Ohio) (5:52)
Salutation March (5:26)
Royal Telephone (3:49)
Light's Out (3:45)



CD 3


The well reputated German jazz magazine Jazzpodium reviews this CD with the Storyville New Orleans Jazzband:

Storyville New Orleans Jazzband: "Painting The Clouds", Music Mecca CD 2052-2

Although the New Orleans Jazz does not require any unusual playing technique there are only a few bands in Europe that really master this style perfectly. Hardly any band achieves a so homogeneous collective playing that the rhythm relaxes and still keeps swinging intensively. An exception is here the Storyville Jazzband of Copenhagen, under leadership of the banjo player Poul Schwaner, and this is clearly emphasized on this live recording from a festival on the Swedish island Öland in 1997. This band has an outstanding feeling for the New Orleans Jazz as it was played by George Lewis and Bunk Johnson in the forties and the fifties.

A complete front line with Jeppe Barker, trumpet/vocal, Kjeld Brandt, clarinet, and Peter Goetz, trombone links imperceptibly the solo- and collective parts together and gives thereby first of all the hymns, the rags and the marches a proper melodic content. Just behind is an extremely dynamic and still very flexible rhythm group with the already mentioned Poul Schwaner, the bass player Stefan Kärfve, the drummer Henning Toxværd, and the very expressive piano player Andy Finch.

Particularly remarkable is it that the musicians in spite of their models have developed a style of their own. Exactly due to this independence they have brought such an original music to light.

If you would like to know more about the band you may find additional information and a short sample of the music on the internet at www.storyville.dk.

(Translated from German original, April 1999, signed Andreas Geyer)